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Project Approach

Phase I
The State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) has completed Phase I of a multi-phase process.  During Phase I, project staff reviewed previous plans and studies regarding the need for the project; conducted interviews with approximately 60 policy-makers in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough (MSB) to clarify issues  and determine the level of local support; and made recommendations on how to proceed with the project.

Phase II
Phase II is currently underway.  It will produce a Conceptual Alignment Report to: define all feasible roadway alternatives; identify potential right-of-way needs; compare the overall costs and benefits of a new alternative corridor to no corridor; identify conceptual highway corridors that merit more detailed environmental and engineering analysis; and produce a project financing White Paper.   Phase II will also include a stakeholder involvement program to ensure the public has an opportunity to review and comment on the work, and that public concerns are thoroughly considered.   

Phase III
Phase III is scheduled to begin in 2014 after the preliminary alignment for the Parks Highway Alternative Corridor have been refined and preferred options have been selected. This phase of the project will include the preliminary engineering of the preferred alternative corridor and the acquisition of right-of-way.

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Recommended Corridors (back to top)

The recommended corridors were determined based on a GIS (geographic information systems) ‘suitability’ analysis. This analysis looked at where land is most and least suitable for corridor development. It is a mapping process that enables planners to avoid, as much as possible, potential impacts to important natural and social features. For more information on this development process, please click here: Corridor Development Process.


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Project Schedule (back to top)

Current Project Tasks and Schedule

  1. Evaluate and refine roadway alignments: How can the corridor be aligned to minimize impacts on homes, businesses, private land, wetlands, streams, sensitive sites, utilities and other features of the area?

  2. Break-Even Analysis of alternative corridor: Is the value of reduced delay and fewer accidents that the bypass would offer along with the cost of widening the existing Parks Highway (which would not need to be done if a bypass were built) greater or less than the cost of the bypass?

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